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3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum
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Bring your children along to this storytime session at 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum.

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Join us with your young ones for QOSM’s weekly storytime sessions.

Saturday, 2 and 30 December 2023

Story of the week: Nervous Nigel
Author: Bethany Christou

Nigel loves swimming. The water is his favourite place to be, and he comes from a long line of swimming champions. His mother is the fastest swimmer in crocodile history, and his sister was the first crocodile to get a perfect diving score. But Nigel doesn't like competitions. His heart hammers when the whistle blows, and his tail trembles when he hears the shouting from the sidelines. But he doesn't want to disappoint his family, so he never tells them how he really feels. And when they enter him in his first real competition, Nigel doesn't know what to do. Will he ever find the courage to tell his family the truth?

Saturday, 9 December 2023

Story of the week: Mah and me
Author: Ibtihaj Alharthi

Azzan introduces his beloved grandmother, highlighting the time they share together — her narratives, affectionate hugs, and visits. Nevertheless, when confronted with the unavoidable separation, Azzan finds himself challenged to understand her departure and the deep impact of her absence. In this emotional journey, Azzan grapples with the myriad emotions that emerge when one must bid farewell to a cherished loved one, navigating a path toward understanding the deeper implications of her absence and finding solace amidst the tide of emotions.

Saturday, 16 December 2023

Story of the week: Pick Me Lil Peter Pick Me
Authors: Peter Valdez & Tasche Laine

It’s P.E. time and dodgeball is the game of the month. When Lil Peter is chosen as a team captain, his teacher challenges him to pick his team in a different way.

Lil Peter agrees but doesn’t realise this challenge will forever change the way he views leadership. Can Lil Peter figure out what it takes to be the leader he is meant to be?

Saturday, 23 December 2023

Story of the week: The Life of Little Nick
Author: Nicholas de Graaf

Nicholas de Graaf is the founder of Mental Awareness with Sports (MAWS) Group, which helps people of all ages to challenge their fears and anxiety using confidence-based training techniques. Students are rewarded with praise and hi 5s each time they face their fear, which helps them to understand how to break down overwhelming tasks into enjoyable ones. Nick's first book, The Life of Little Nick, provides children with a pathway to a positive state of mind, showing them they are not alone in their fears.