International Olympic Day 2024

Past Event

With Paris 2024 around the corner, and in collaboration with the Olympic Museum Network, Qatar Olympic Committee, Sports Federations and Get Started, we are pleased to invite everyone to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Olympics on  International Olympic day!

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The Olympic day programme will offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage and energise the community, inspiring participation in sports while celebrating the rich Olympic heritage. We invite you to join us in making this celebratory event a resounding success.


Let’s Move the world to Warm up for Paris 2024

  • 9–11am Olympics history guided tour;
  • 10–11am: Activation zone competition;
  • 11am–12:pm Olympics reading challenge -triathlon and relay;
  • 11am–6pm: Olympics Zone Festival (Activation);

- Boxing
- Gymnastics
- Cycling (spinning circuit)
- Judo
- Cross Fit challenge (Let’s Move)

  • 2–3pm Activation zone competition
  • 3.30–4.30pm: Olympics history guided tour
  • 3.30–5.30pm: 40 Years of Qatar at Olympics and Olympic values workshop
  • 4–5pm: Olympics rings workshop
  • 5–6pm: Olympics posters and quiz
  • 5–6pm: Activation zone competition

Through the Olympics, we aim to create long-term behavioral change, join us as we create an easy, accessible and fun experience!